Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Less stuff

I'll never be a minimalist but it's true the less stuff I have the less space I actually need.  Since I moved in I've been convinced that I need to shelve the 2 cupboards in the downstairs bedroom (effectively the guest bedroom) so I could store my stuff more easily.  But if I get rid of the stuff, I don't need the shelves built and save myself some money.  Simples! 

I'm still working my way through the freezer and store cupboard, using up bits n pieces to make meals.  Last night's meal was a hit.  Rice and broccoli covered with some soft goat's cheese mixed with a little veg stock and covered with grated goat's cheese and breadcrumbs.  It was then grilled until crispy. I've always got rice in the cupboard and broccoli in the freezer.  I used up the last spoonful of soft cheese and the last tiny piece of hard goat's cheese.  I have a GF white loaf in the freezer that I don't like the taste of but mixed with cheese as breadcrumbs is actually ok.  It's too expensive to throw out so will be doing that trick again until it's used up!
I saw these in Sainsbury's the other day and bought them to see what they were like.  2.5kg of frozen chicken pieces.  Drumsticks, legs, thighs and wings, all British chicken for £4.  I'm going keep a note of how many meals I can make from them.


  1. It's so true isn't it, 'you don't need more space, you need less stuff'.

    I was watching a programme the other day, one of the house buying sort and someone was saying they needed to move to a bigger house as they were rapidly filling the one they had, which was a three bedroom semi. They said since the baby came along there just wasn't enough room for all three of them!!

    I was brought up in three rooms, me, with my younger brother and my parents, with my Nana living upstairs, at no time during my childhood did I feel there wasn't enough room. My Mum might have though having to work in such a tiny kitchen/living space, but I never felt deprived, and we had enough toys in the one drawer we had each under our beds.

  2. If only I could get my mother to understand that, she has moved in with us and has a horrendous amount of useless junk!