Monday, 27 July 2015

Supermarket treats

I was in Perth today as OH's car was in the garage and I had to drop him off.  I took the opportunity to visit the large Tesco as my Stirling one doesn't have their range of World foods or their Free From range of foods.  I knew I was going to get gram flour and coconut milk powder (can't get these anywhere here for some reason) but I also picked up a large bag of cornmeal for the same price as a wee packet in Sainsbury's and a 400g pack of rice noodles for the same price as a 200g.  This is where my homework pays off as I know the cost of the basics in my local supermarkets.

I picked up a copy of this magazine as it looked like it had a few good recipes.  I've had a quick glance and it looks promising.  At £5.99 it was extravagant but hopefully it's worth it.

I also treated myself to a tiramisu style dessert.  It was nice but full of sugar.  Might regret it later!

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  1. Yes, I've found the 'Free From' meals to be really heavy on sugar and sometimes lots of other additives. Supermarket shopping involves SO much reading these days :-(


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