Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The comedy cupboard

Sarah, this is the comedy cupboard.  You know, the one where you hold everything in and shut the doors quickly.  The one where everything falls out when you open it.  The one that you keep meaning to sort out.  The one where you don't actually know what's in all the boxes (definitely crafting stuff, I think!)  We call it the comedy cupboard cos it made OH laugh the first time he saw it.
What do you call that cupboard in your house folks? :-)


  1. Ah right, got you now! I seem to have a comedy house at the moment...............

    Not sure all my comedy would fit into a cupboard lol

  2. I have two comedy rooms; one for paper (photos, scrapbooking, family history), and one for sewing supplies, etc. My goal is that before the end of this year both will be de-cluttered, organized and cleaned! Wish me luck.

  3. Junk room, but since we moved we do not have a large cupboard, so our junk has found it's way into small spaces around the house.

  4. I have a comedy attic, since we are renting at the moment alot of stuff has been put in the attic for storage, it takes a brave or desperate person to venture up there!

  5. We call it 'the hole under the stairs'. It will get sorted out ... it's just waaaaaay down the list, poor thing.


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