Sunday, 6 September 2015

Another lovely day

Why are chickens so hard to photograph??  I think I took about 20 blurred ones, quite a few of just bums and then some hiding behind the washing blowing in the wind!!  Here's Merida and Ginger Snap munching my prolific weeds.  Good girls! Henny Penny is very camera shy!! Ginger found a bit of old window silicone seal that OH had dropped.  I think she thought it was a worm.  The ensuing chase was rather farcial :-) My chooks do make me laugh, a lot!

Blackcurrant gin is doing well.  All the sugar has dissolved so it can now go into the store cupboard to mature

On this lovely sunny day I made 2 pots of soup.  Frog soup with a pinch of chili and some coconut milk and plain old carrot soup (carrots, onion, veg stock and a splash of coconut milk) That's this week's lunches for work sorted!  Saving time and money :-)

Hmm, somebody's a bit comfy!

A few of my friends have shared this image on Facebook. This appeals to me on a personal and political level.  Be content with what we have and share with those less fortunate.  We should open hearts AND our borders. 


  1. I posted that on FB on my line - says it all really :) Great idea witht he soup - where did you get the mugs Ali?


  2. Lakeland do them, as well as Asda and Sainsbury's. I wait until they're on offer then pick up a few at a time. Cost around £5 if I remember correctly. They go in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher (although I know you probably only have one of these!!) xxx

  3. hmmm the blackcurrant gin sounds interesting. My hubby would love that! He just bought blueberry gin in Maine on our trip. Just checking out some new blogs and I really like yours. Added it to my blog roll! Have a great weekend!