Saturday, 31 October 2015

Stripping and sanding

After stripping and before sanding
There's nothing like playing with power tools to cheer me up!!  This is the other side of that purple door!  It's the door between the kitchen and utilty room and yep, it's going to be purple too :-)  Mainly because a)  I've got tons of paint left and b)  I've got tons of purple (technically claret!) tiles left that will be used on the splashback in the utility room. 

After sanding
Sanding really makes a mess so I closed the door to keep the dust in the utility room.  It means I've still got the edges to do but that's ok as it'll be less mess.

I took the old manky handle off and gave it a thorough clean, sand and polish.  It's come up rather nicely.  That saves a few quid on buying new door hardware.


  1. It's the preparation that makes the final job look so good .... but it's as dirty and as boring as hell isn't it. I like the 'tad-da' bit of house renovation the best.

  2. Yep, dirty and boring but very satisfying :-)

  3. Ha, that's exactly how I feel about DIY, I love the satisfaction of the end result but not the prep! :)

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