Saturday, 28 November 2015

Bread and purple hair

Following on from my efforts to minimise my supermarket use, I had a go at making a gluten free loaf without using the Helen's Bread mix.  It's the recipe on the Doves Farm Free from Gluten White Bread Flour bag.  Wee bit more of a faff but the results were good.

I think next time I'll use a bit less sugar as it was a bit sweet for my taste but the texture was okay.  I expected it to be more cakey but was pleasantly surprised.  The test now is to see if it keeps well and freezes.  It would work out at just under half the cost of the Helen's Bread mix loaf if I bulk buy flour directly from them so worth doing.  I also need to see if OH likes it! :-)

Last night it was my staff Christmas night out. A bit early but we left it too late to book.  I really wasn't sure if I should go or not as it was £32 per person for a 3 course meal plus half bottle of wine. In the end it actually turned out to be a fab night.  Lovely food (dairy and gluten free for me), great music and good company.  As you can see I dyed my hair purple for the event! (I had a bargain box of dye in the cupboard).  Just a temporary one much to my boss's relief.  The only new item I purchased to wear was a pair of sparkly tights at £3.50, everything else I had worn several times before.  In fact I wore the same dress as last year and nobody commented!!  I guess everyone was looking at my hair ;-)


  1. LOVE the hair! My hair's been purple in the recent past too.....although just the front section, not all over. I have another box of purple dye just waiting for me to get round to using it.....

  2. Go for it!! It just makes me smile whenever I catch myself in the mirror. Lots of folk were surprised I did it myself. Quite a few had gone to the hairdresser specially for the night out and someone paid to get their make up done!! I don't think I looked too bad for a DIY job :-)

  3. Love the hair too. If it really does wash out in 24 hours I might have a go at a "blue rinse". And well done on spending so little.

  4. Love the hair, as for wearing clothes more than once, I have loads in the wardrobe which are years old, we are off to a Christmas ball next weekend I'm in a dress worn twice before.

  5. Love the hair.

    So many women have to have a new dress for every function, and it really amazes me that we think everyone will remember what we had on a whole year ago. They are usually all so worried about their own appearance that they don't pay THAT much attention to the other outfits there, and dying your hair that fabulous colour would put any outfit in the shade anyway.