Sunday, 21 February 2016

Another dream dashed

It's been a long held dream of mine to breed Labradors.  Over the years the timing wasn't right or the dog wasn't right but I'd always planned that by the time I retire I was going to breed dogs as a way to earn an income and top up my pension.  A KC registered Labrador pup can cost £500 and an average litter is 6 to 8 puppies.  So even with stud and vet fees you can make a decent amount. With 2 or 3 breeding dogs you could make enough money to live on.

When I got Emma 4 years ago it was with the specific intention to breed from her.  Her pedigree is immaculate and she meets the 'standards' set out by the Kennel Club.  So I had the 'right' dog.

The timing would have been good as the pups would be born in May when I was on part time hours plus The Teenager is still around.  And the pups would be ready to go to new homes at the start of our school summer holidays.  Perfect timing.

Except Emma was having none of it!! She wouldn't let the stud dog near her (he's an experienced stud).  My daft sweet natured lab turned into a snarling bitch.  She knows the dog well and his owner (he's actually my dog walker!) We tried in his garden and in my garden but both times it was a bust.  I won't go into the gory details but we did try several ways.  All our research suggests it's normal for the female to snap if it's her first time but short of muzzling her, pinning her down and holding her tail up, nothing was going happen this time.  I'm not that keen to further distress a dog that clearly doesn't want to mate.  And I'm not too keen on being bitten by my own dog!

So the dream is on hold for now.  I'm not sure if I should try again in her next season or give up altogether with her.  Anyone had puppies?  All advice gratefully received.


  1. That's such a shame. your planning was perfect,

  2. My females have always been really randy when on heat climping all over my poor neutered male. Darn nuisance. I've got to get the chihuahua speyed soon.

  3. Maybe you need to find another male, maybe she looks on the dog walkers dog as a 'friend' and doesn't fancy him lol.

  4. We had Buster from a friend's bitch's first ever litter. They took her to several dogs, over more than one season, and she was having none of it - she's a feisty farm JRT so she didn't let them down gently lol. They eventually found an equally confident stud - another farm dog and an old hand, as it were :-) - and the deed was done, no fuss whatsoever. You need to try a few more studs - that's all...

  5. Yep, Emma is a very dominant, confident dog. Even at 8 weeks she quickly established herself as top dog!! Next time I'll try a different stud as poor Dexter was too much of a gentleman and not a match for my feisty bitch!!