Tuesday 5 April 2016

On being greener

My friend Sarah makes me think about stuff.  We 'met' online many years ago on the It's Not Easy Being Green forum.  Despite living at opposite ends of Britain living quite different lives, we had loads in common.  But the fact she was a Scottish lass transplanted to Dorset meant we clicked.  Our friendship lasted several years online before we met in real life in 2010 when she came to stay with me for a few days.  That was fun!  Shortly after that both our lives took a different turn and we've both spent the last few years quietly getting on with re building them.

But what I enjoy most about our friendship is that she challenges me to think about my beliefs.  Not in a ram it down my throat way but by posting links and articles on her blogs and on FB.  I've said before I'm a member of the Scottish Green Party.  I've delivered leaflets and will be campaigning in a small way for the upcoming Scottish election next month.  But there are lots of ways I could be doing more to live a greener life.

I think most of us are beginning to realise the impact plastic is having on our environment.  For example plastic is polluting our oceans and getting into the food chain but I hadn't given any thought to the impact of plastic in things like our fleece clothing until Sarah posted the link.  So I thought about it, and researched it and thought some more.  And decided not to buy any more fleece clothing.  Instead I'm going knit myself proper woollen jumpers that will keep me just as warm.

Starting with this one.  It's called Owls by Kate Davies.  

The yarn arrived this morning and after one false start (Magic Loop is a bugger!) I've got a few rounds done already.  Yarn is an undyed British Sheep Breeds Chunky by Rowan.  It's a soft grey colour.  I know it's a very small contribution to solving a global problem but if lots of us make small changes they'll add up.

So thank you Sarah for reminding me to live by my principles and keep making small changes where I can.  Those beautiful flowers were a surprise delivery from her this morning.  I'm very lucky to have such a good friend :-)


  1. Sarah has changed a lot of things in my life too, and you, thank you both :)

  2. Aw shucks lol am blushing here! That jumper will suit you Ali, looking forward to seeing the finished article. The flowers look lovely, not too many flower miles from Cornwall!
    Thanks, and to you Apple too :)


  3. Jumper sounds lovely, but I can't wear wool.

  4. I've knitted the Owls jumper - fabulous pattern.


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