Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rainbow shed and a bit of purple

Today was my Wednesday off and what a scorcher of a day it was here!  I think Scotland is having it's summer now.  This is the third day in a row there's been sunshine.  Lovely!  So it was a shed painting day.  I'd run out of pink paint so started to use up the blue from my raised beds and green from the fence. Both purchased last summer.

There are 2 coats of paint on the outside and 1 on the inside.  That took me all day even with The Teenager doing one coat of the blue.  I'm now out of all 3 colours and need to buy some more.  But what colour?? ;-)

And just to get the general effect I placed the pink door in front.  I'm really pleased with it so far.  I've still got the insides of the sides to paint (IYSWIM) plus the floor and roof (although it will have felt on it) OH tells me painting it all before assembling it is a better option than building it first.  It feels like it's taking forever though as I need dry weather on non work days to paint and that's rare here!!

Next door's builders were up on the roof today.  If you look closely you can see one of them is wearing a purple hard hat, purple t-shirt, purple shorts and even purple socks.   He's a very dapper dresser with the thickest Fife accent I've ever heard!  And he swears like a trooper!!

And continuing the purple theme, this is my downstairs wetroom.  We just use the loo, not the shower.  Until Monday it was just a dumping ground for all my DIY stuff.  I cleared it out, scrubbed it and took a long hard look at it.  It's next on my list for a makeover as this where my visitors go to the loo.  It's very out dated and just rundown.  In an effort to 'improve' it for selling, the previous owners painted the grout between the tiles bright blue!! So as a temporary measure I've added a purple loo seat, purple soap dispenser and purple towel all from my trip to Wilko at the weekend.  Total cost £16.  Bargain!!


  1. We painted my shed before putting it up, which suited me because as soon as it was up, l moved my gardening stuff in. I would not of painted it once it was up.

  2. I've got a purple toilet seat in my shower room, I hate it with passion lol Must get around to changing it!

  3. Love your multi coloured shed. Shed painting takes much longer than you imagine though and mine needs done this year. I keep putting it off until 'the weather gets better'. That's as good an excuse as any in this country - although this past week I could have done it I suppose, oh well too late now, it's to get cold again!! :D


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