Saturday, 7 May 2016

Veggie cottage pie

It was The Teenager's 18th birthday this week.  There's nothing like your baby becoming an adult to make you feel old!!  We had a fairly low key family meal out at Frankie and Benny's (they do a gluten free menu) and then cake back at home.  He's not into brands and labels and didn't really ask for anything in particular. His big present was a laptop suitable for uni.  He got a fair amount of money which he's going to save for uni.  Sensible boy!! :-)

A quick pop into Sainsbury's yesterday resulted in a few yellow stickered Linda McCartney things for him to try.  He enjoyed this Cottage Pie but wasn't too keen on the soya meatballs.

So today we tried to recreate it.  Success!! He loved it.  Green lentils, red lentils, frozen carrot/onion/celery mix, chopped tomatoes, veg stock, tomato ketchup and a splash of Worcester sauce. I think this big pan full cost around £1 in total!!  And from that I guess at least 3 generous meals.

I didn't have any potatoes to make the topping so went to Sainsbury's to get some.  It was around 5.30pm and was rather quiet.  Guess how many yellow stickered bargains I got???

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  1. As I'm reading your posts in reverse order I know how many yellow stickered bargains you got ... well done ;-)


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