Sunday, 12 June 2016

Easiest ever healthy chocolate mousse

I found this recipe on Pinterest and tweaked it a wee bit.  So easy and VERY healthy!!  It tastes like Snickers :-)

1 x 300g packet smooth silken tofu (YEP, tofu!!)
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/3 cup natural peanut butter
6 tbsp of agave syrup (although next time I'll try just 4 tbsp)

EDIT: works with 3 tbsp honey

Blend together until smooth.  Chill for at least half an hour. Serves 4.  I served it in espresso cups.

It was a bit too sweet for me but everyone else loved it.  I didn't tell anyone it had tofu in it until they'd eaten it ;-) The original recipe used maple syrup but I didn't have any and they used 400g tofu.  My packet only had 300g but it seemed to work ok.  Might try it with honey sometime as well.

My parsley was beginning to go to seed so I picked it all and dehydrated it.  It only took 4 hours until it was all dry.  I had all 6 trays full.

It filled 2 wide necked salsa jars.  And it tastes of parsley funnily enough!  I'm well chuffed :-)


  1. I might give the parsley a go - there's a huge plant of Italian flat leaf parsley in the tunnel , still there from before I moved in. Will wander up in a minute. Good timing, I need to get the dehydrator out of the cupboard anyway, it needs storing elsewhere so I can get other things in there. I saw that recipe for mousse too, but think I'll stick with my eggs'n'chocolate. I made one with avocado a whuile back, it was nice too. x

  2. I had some tofu lurking in the cupboard so really was just using it up. But a happy coincidence :-) Not tried an avocado recipe yet, I love eating them as they are!! xxx


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