Wednesday, 29 June 2016


I had to go to Glasgow today.  I rarely go there and definitely not by choice.  But I had to renew my passport in person as I discovered that it was out of date and I need it to go to Ireland next week! I had time to kill while waiting so spent some time in John Lewis (a couple of hours actually!!)  I like looking at all their latest design ideas in home furnishings.  They have a fab selection of home decor fabrics, curtains, cushions, furniture, lamps, bedding etc etc.  Some of it is very expensive but I like looking for ideas and inspiration.  I spotted these cushions.

They're hand stitched (probably in a far off country for a pittance) using just French knots.  Very tactile and very effective.  Sheep one here (it's half price) and seagull one here

Then I spotted this lovely mini trees one in all shades of green.  I immediately thought it would look lovely in different shades of purple for my bedroom.

And then I spotted one up high on a shelf in purples :-) The one on the left is all blues.  Love this design and will definitely be trying out something similar on a cushion for my bed.

I went to the haberdashery section to try to find purple embroidery thread to match my new headboard (I had a fabric sample with me) but had no luck.  However after much searching I did find some knitting yarn in the exact shade!  No idea what I'm going to do yet but I'm inspired to make something unique (and cheap!!) to go in my revamped bedroom :-)

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  1. The cushions are lovely :) Particularly like the muted colours. Look forward to seeing what you make :)


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