Monday, 18 July 2016

Back on the WW wagon

Well I weighed myself this morning!!  I have put a little weight back on.  No surprise really as I've not been following the WW plan for a wee while now.  I had always planned to get back on the wagon after my holiday to Ireland.  So I've started again. Lunch was courgette soup again (zero points until I added a little soft goats cheese) and a slice of GF sourdough bread (yellow stickered from £3.50 to 85p!) Good food, I don't feel deprived at all.

Fresh fruit and veg is free on the WW plan so I'm eating lots.  I snacked on some honeydew melon OH brought over at the weekend and flat peaches (yellow stickered to 24p for 5)

I even went out a wee run, first one for a while.  I actually managed to run all the way so was feeling rather virtuous.  I'm hoping to shock my body back into fat burning mode.  I've still got another 5kg to lose to be back in my healthy weight range for my age.

I made these at the weekend to use up a lone wrap. I cut them into triangles and then shallow fried them in hot oil for a few minutes.

They satsified my need for a 'crisp' snack as there weren't any in the storecupboard.  They were really good but won't be making these for a while now I'm being good again! 


  1. Could you bake them instead? They won't have the 'unctiousness' that oil imparts, but they still go crunchy!
    J x

    1. Ooo, hadn't thought of that! Maybe spray them with 1 cal and bake in a really hot oven? Will try that, thanks :-)

  2. Good idea, I've a couple to use up :)