Wednesday 4 January 2017

My 2017 plan

During this holiday I've spent a lot of time thinking and writing about 'stuff,' mainly about how I can get organised and make quality time for myself.  This is a hugely condensed summary of that thinking so you won't have to wade through my stream of conscious ramblings.  I do find writing/drawing helps me focus on the issues especially if I use the mind mapping technique.  So here goes.  This is how I'm going to make 2017 work for me.

This time last year my main focus was on getting a permanent teaching post.  I worked really hard towards that goal and secured a post in a local school teaching early years.  I knew it would be tough leaving the school I'd been in for a few years and starting over but I completely underestimated how challenging it would be.  My new colleagues are nice enough but not as friendly and supportive as the ones I'd left behind.  I have more children in this class and the parental support isn't great. These things I cannot change.  But it's a permanent post.  I have financial security.  So I'm going to focus on that positive and work smarter at managing the time I spend on work stuff.

This was a tough one.  It's true what they say about finding out who your real friends are when the shit hits the fan.  I hadn't realised over the period of my marriage that 'my' friends were actually joint friends we'd made over the years mostly connected with running and ultra running circles. I had a circle of close friends who I had supported through some really tough shit over the years. How many of them keep in touch now?  None.  I've tried to meet up with a few over the last couple of years and every single time they've stalled/cancelled/ghosted me.  What hurts is that I know they're still socialising etc with my ex.  So yeah, I'm keeping that circle really small! And I'll make more effort to see my real ones.

Stuff! Oh yeah, there's a lot of stuff in my wee house.  I keep telling myself if I could just get it organised then it'll be ok.  I've worked out that I have 2 areas of major clutter.  And by that I mean a whole room you can't actually walk round and several cupboards that are so full you need to wear a crash helmet when opening them.  One area is the boxes and furniture that hasn't been used/moved from moving house THREE years ago. The other is my teaching stuff from my old school.  My new classroom has little storage.  Solutions?

Sort/donate/toss the furniture and boxes from my old house.  If I haven't needed them in 3 years then I don't need them.  That's a simple one.

The other one is a bit trickier. First I'm planning to ask my headteacher if I can get rid of the washing machine, cooker and fridge from my classroom (it used to be the nursery).  Then I can use that space creatively to store my teaching materials. Of course the easiest answer is to stop buying school supplies with my own money (and I'm going to try!) but frankly what the school provides is very basic and most teachers buy stuff to give their kids better experiences for learning.  I hope I can get this one resolved soon.

I've also cleaned out my storecupboard.  I was ruthless with opened packets and out of date dried goods.  I'll happily eat things past their date but some of it was 3 and 4 years past it!!  It's not a great photo but everything is now in glass storage jars so I can see what I've got.  Like most people I'm trying live/eat more healthily and now I can see what's in there.

I still go to the gym 3 times a week with OH (ok he drags me reluctantly!) but I've also signed up for a beginner's course in yoga.  That starts tonight and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm hoping it will help me to relax and switch off from work.

So there you have it.  My sort of plan for this year.  I'm going to declutter my house.  I'm going to work smarter at school and focus on the positive.  I'm going to plan to eat and exercise better.  I'm making more time for myself to switch off from work.  It's not rocket science but I really must put some extra effort into it this year.


  1. Sounds like you have yourself a good plan...I really understand the friends bit...I once had a 'friend' who turned out to be a real user. She must have prided herself in always having more, better, happier, costing more things and exciting life...It ended badly for her, then she didn't want to know me as I wasn't a favourable comparison any more. x

    1. I had a few good friends that I really thought would stand by me. Just goes to show you never know until TSHTF. Sounds like you're better off without your 'friend!'

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  2. Well done on managing to get all of this down. All the best with it and have an amazing 2017

    1. Thanks! Hope it's a good year for you too :-)

  3. Having a good sort out and making more space is real therapy, then it carries on as you stop buying everything you see and just get what you really want. Enjoy the sort out.

    1. Yep, I agree! I'm loving the space created when I clear something out. I've sorted all my clothes drawers and opening them now actually makes me smile :-)

  4. I always think a good sort out does wonders for you, im doing this gradually i have tons of craft things' that OH thinks is junk and to just chuck, if it was that simple ! lol been there with the friends part and recently lost a very close friend due to stupid actions on their behalf, knocked me for six tbh but i can do without all the drama.. onwards and upwards
    sammie xx

    1. I've been keeping craft stuff for school but don't have the space at home or work now. So it's a big priority. Sorry about your friend, really sucks

  5. I also know about 'friends'. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and I've been amazed at the reaction of some people. Most people were lovely, some over and above, but others (some I've known for a very long time) have all but ignored me, I've also been widebearthed in the street by people who are clearly avoiding me. I assume these ones are the ones who either think I'm contagious or they simply don't know what to say so avoid saying anything or perhaps they worry I'll wax lyrical to them on the joys of chemo! However, they are, thankfully, in the minority and most people have been very kind, but it still comes as a shock to discover who your 'real' friends are. Your plans sound great. My big and only plan is to get my finances in order. I plan to get rid of the overdraft this year once and for all - I nearly did it last year till the cancer then I went a bit mad spending money and its not cheap to have cancer, I had to buy hats, bras,etc and the petrol to get across the city to the Beatson is killing our budget nicely!! However, I'm on the mend and money is just money and I'm not going to stress about it but I'm determined to gain control of the situation again!! Happy New Year good luck with your plans. x

    1. So pleased to hear you're on the mend :-) I'd heard about people avoiding someone with cancer. I do hope it's just because they don't want to say the 'wrong' thing. Good luck with getting your finances back under control!

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