Sunday, 16 April 2017

Kitchen Experiments

I was in an experimental mood today.  I made another batch of oatcakes this time with sesame seeds.  They were very nice!  I blended all of the oats instead of half.  The mixture was harder to roll and cut out.  The finished oatcakes were rather crumbly but worth the experiment!  I'll go back to blending just half the oats next time.

Tonight's meal was another experimental effort.  I had half a dodgy courgette hanging around my fridge along with loads of carrots.  I had leftover rice from last night.  So along with one of my bargain pouches of chestnuts I put together a quick stir fry.

It was rather tasty!

 I also made a shepherdess pie using green lentils with a sweet potato mash on top.  I didn't have a recipe, just winged it. 

That's one meal sorted for the week ahead.

Tomorrow is the last day of my holiday so it'll mostly be prep for going back to work *sighs*  At least it's the summer term, lots of outdoors activities will be on the agenda.


  1. I can recommend this recipe for a meatless shepherds pie. It's REALLY tasty. Don't be put off by the whole head of celery, it's not overpowering at all.


    1. Ooooo, that looks tasty! And not too far off what I threw together!!

  2. Supper tonight is going to be an experiment in our house. We have cauliflower butternut squash and roast potatoes left so going to add egg and make a frittata thing

    1. Mmmm, sounds lovely! Hope it turned out ok :-)


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