Thursday, 9 August 2018

Day 11: Cook, Clean, Clear and Create

Tonight's cook was a home made healthy pizza. I'd been looking forward to it all day.  It really was delicious!

My create project was to finish a purple square I started last night.  That makes 6 in total.  I really enjoy making these! I'll do 3 more and then get started on the quilting bit.

My clean and clear for today was to clear out a bit of the garage so I could put my road bike and turbo trainer back in there.  I ended up doing more than I thought but my garage is tidy again and I can access my bikes.  I took a full car load of 'stuff' to the recycling centre.  I always feel good when I do that!

I added the finishing touches to my family room/den.  I bought a plain red lampshade (£12 in B&Q) for the floor lamp and paid a whopping £3.50 for red curtains on Ebay 😂  I've also ordered a rug to disguise the horrible carpet until I can afford a new carpet.

I crawled into the eave space where I've got loads of things stored and looked through the assorted pictures from my old house. I forgot there were so many!!  I found a couple that I thought would look good.

Sadly there's not much I can do about the hideous fireplace!!

The TV isn't connected to an aerial but I can watch DVDs on it.  The cupboard contains my school stuff.  My new rule is if I can't store it in the cupboard it's not staying here.

I have several more boxes ready to take to school so my study is a little messy until that happens.  And as for my dining room again...



  1. It’s inevitable that a mess is made before order is restored. Your pizza looks delicious. I like Thursdays because when I come home from Pilates DH has our meal ready. Away for a magnesium bath because the Pilates was challenging tonight. ( I hate that feckin roller-ouchy stuff).

    1. I have to confess I didn't really like my Pilates lesson. I already do a lot of core work and she said a few things about muscles and ligaments that were factually incorrect

    2. Not hood, Ali. Our teacher is a qualified osteopath and Dr of Naturopathy so really knows her stuff. She retrained as a Pilates teacher when she developed RSI in her hands and decided to use the premises she rents to promote her new skills.

  2. That pizza makes me feel hungry just looking at it. Delicious!

    1. I've since made another one as it was that good!!