Monday, 17 December 2018

Poinsettia, Pancetta, Panettone

A few years ago my stage partner was a lovely NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher).  There was almost 30 years between us in age but we worked well together and had a laugh as we taught.  At Christmas our 2 classes were part of the Nativity show.  We had a parent volunteer who played the piano for us and we decided to buy her a present to say thank you.  Everyone suggested a poinsettia and as my NQT friend was going late night shopping she offered to get the present.

Just as she was leaving school she came into my room and asked "How much poinsettia should I get?"  I replied "Just one."  I could see she was puzzled.  Then she said...

"Poinsettia is that fancy Italian bacon, isn't it?"


At home that night she started telling her dad the story but he interrupted her by saying "You daftie! It's not bacon, it's that fancy cake."


Apparently her mum didn't stop laughing for hours.

So every Christmas when I see a poinsettia I think of my lovely young friend and have a wee giggle to myself.

Just 3 and a half days left!


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