Sunday, 21 February 2021

Back to basics


I've spent my 3 days of half term getting back to basics.  Looking at what needs used up in the fridge and making sure nothing is wasted.  I had a couple of Portabello mushrooms that were going a bit dry so chopped them into a big pan of bolagnais sauce.

I also had a few bendy carrots that I grated and chucked into the pan too!  Then simmered it all for about an hour.

I had a couple of soft apples that actually weren't all that nice to begin with so chopped them up and turned them into a sort of toffee apple crumble.

Tasty with ice cream!

I made a pot of chicken and broccoli soup (blue tubs at the top of the fridge) using a chicken carcass to make stock.  I used broccoli as it was the only green veg I had in the freezer.  Tasty experiment that worked and gives me lunches for the coming week back at school.  Everything is safely in the freezer now.

There are some signs that Spring is coming!  The first wee primrose opened up.

And the first snowdrops appeared.

I managed to get to my late uncle's house for the first time in 2 months, saw my lovely mum and long lost cousin and wallpapered the chimney breast wall.  The house is finally ready to go on the market.  The lawyer wasn't joking when he told me it could take up to a year to get everything sorted out. 8 months and counting!! It would be good if we could get it all sorted out before Spring.


  1. It feels good to get a meal out of something that is past its best, isn't it, Aly?

    1. It really does!! I love creating a meal from something that some people might just throw out. I enjoy the challenge!!

    2. Must be our Scottish canniness!

  2. I get a kick out of using up old bendy carrots! I grated some into stew yesterday and it was lovely!
    Good luck with the house selling. If here is anything to go by, houses with a garden are selling like hotcakes just now. I don't know if your uncle had a garden but I'm sure with it being freshly decorated it will sell in no time. Fingers crossed!


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