Sunday 15 August 2021

Bit of a clear out!


I know I had all Summer to do it but I started a massive clear out last week (I forgot to take a before photo, trust me it was bulging!)  I finally got rid of all the 'action' gear I had accumulated over the past 10 years.  Motorbike outfit, ski clothes, cycling stuff, wetsuit, plus all the equipment for activities I did with my ex partner and have zero plans to do any of them again on my own!!  Look at that empty cupboard ready to paint a rich plum colour 😉

It means I now have easier access to the storage area in the eaves.  I can finally put the Christmas decorations away properly! 🎄

I found my beloved Fly boots with the burst zip.  I didn't throw them out last Winter as I desperately hoped they could be fixed.  I think they're at least 4 or 5 years old.  They are so comfy to wear all day to school.  I looked up how to fix a broken zip and watched a few YouTube tutorials.  As you can see I managed to to zip them up! No idea if the zip will hold but I'm willing to try as I really love these boots!

I kept on going and cleared out the red wardrobe in my bedroom.  I also cleared out all my drawers and even sorted out my jewellery.  My bedroom is a calm and well ordered space again.  Just what I need for the coming week.

I'm back at work tomorrow 😭 Two days of Staff Development first before the kids come back on Wednesday.  I popped down to the allotment to dig up some potatoes and check on my tomatoes as I'll not get down again until mid week.  These are Charlottes.  They always fall to bits no matter how carefully I cook them.  They still taste fab though!


  1. You've been very industrious, good job! I find my home grown potatoes fall apart too. I grow Wiljas and when I buy them from the farm they are brilliant and can be cooked almost any way, when I grow them in my garden they fall apart whatever way I cook them! I don't understand it. Hope all goes well at school this term. Good luck. x

  2. Excellent job on your clear out, Ali. You obviously have no compunction about tossing stuff! That's my biggest problem. I didn't plant potatoes this year and am now regretting that decision. I love new potatoes and they are a bit pricey in the stores.

  3. Great stuff on the clearing out :) I too have no problem getting rid of unwanted stuff :) Love the boots, got to be hung on to - a shoe repairers/cobblers will be able to replace zip if needed :)

  4. We grow Charlottes and yes, they do have a tendency to break up. I try to just scrub them and leave the whole but you can't do that for the bigger ones. So delicious though.

  5. Well done on sorting your wardrobes. I wish I could be so organised. I struggle with getting rid of things. I need to be ruthless because I know I would feel so much better. Love your boots, they look so comfy!


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