Friday, 25 May 2012

Plan B

My 14yo complained the other day that he has no clothes.  Of course he does, my ironing basket is full of them!  What he actually meant was that he has no clothes that fit him.  Gulp!  At 14 he's already 5' 10" and still growing.  With 2 older brothers over 6' tall he was always going to be a big lad.

But this means I need to buy adult sizes at adult prices as few stores stock decent stuff for mid teenage boys.  Luckily he has an older cousin with a penchant for designer labels so sometimes we get his unwanted designer gear.  And up to now he's been ok ish with some second hand stuff.  But it's the shoes and specialist sports gear that's going to break my budget.

So last night I had a little wobble about setting myself up to fail.  I'll never reach my goal if I keep having to buy new clothes for a growing boy, replace my broken freezer and all the other unplanned for expenses that are surely going to happen over the next 4 years.  I almost convinced myself that this will never work. 

But after a decent night's sleep and much thinking I've created my own Plan B (see heading at top of blog). Of course I'll have to spend money on bigger items from time to time but as long as I do it wisely then I'm still on track towards my target.


  1. I have found some of the men's clothes in the charity shops [small size] have been perfect for my 14 yo son.

  2. *waves to Sarah* :-)

    My oldest son volunteers in a charity shop and I've asked him to keep a look out for men's stuff. Unfortunately we live in an area where people come to retire so the style of clothes donated isn't to his taste. Lol! But we'll keep looking

    Ali x


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