Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pickled beetroot

I've gotten into the habit of visiting my supermarket just before it closes.  I'm in Stirling a couple of times a week for the teenager's sporty activities so we pop in on the way home.  Sometimes I'm lucky and pick up some bargains, sometimes there's nothing usable.  That's half the fun!!

Last night I picked up some reduced beetroot.  2kg for 40p!  I love beetroot, roasted or pickled.  Since I'm looking ahead to making gifts for Christmas and for hostess gifts I decided to pickle this lovely lot.

I used:

2kg of beetroot
1 litre distilled vinegar
1 sachet Schwarz pickling spice
100g sugar (optional but I think it takes the harshness off the vinegar)

Trim the beetroot but leave some stalks on to stop it bleeding.  Bake wrapped in foil for 90mins.  Test beetroot is soft and remove from oven.

While the beetroot is baking put vinegar, spices and sugar (if using) in a pan and bring to the boil.  Remove form heat and leave to infuse.

Let the beetroot cool enough to handle and peel.

Wear gloves if you don't want people to think you've murdered someone!!

Slice or quarter beetroot and pack into sterilised jars.

Pour strained vinegar to top of  jar. Label and store for at least a few weeks.

Beetroot cost 40p and the vinegar cost £1.48.  I already had the pickling spice and sugar so 7 jars of pickled beetroot cost less than £2.  Some for me and some for gifts :-)


  1. What a great idea to use reduced food. I've tried to time it right at the supermarket as this week have been lucky too.

  2. Once I replace my broken freezer I'm going to buy a couple of the reduced crusty loaves and make a batch of garlic breads to freeze. Everyone loves garlic bread with pasta and it makes an already cheap meal stretch a bit further.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-)


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