Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Review

Hmm, I spent some time yesterday adding up, subtracting and generally trying to balance the books.  I'm not sure if I've set myself too tight a budget or if June was just a month that threw up a few unexpected costs.

So, here are the dreaded numbers.  After taking off all the direct debits and standing orders for boring things like council tax etc etc I allocated a budget for everything else I need to spend.  I looked at what I had spent the previous months and took a guess at what I thought was a reasonable budget.

Savings £120
Paid directly into savings account

Petrol £200
Spent £267.38
Overspent by £67.38

Supermarket £200
Spent £263.70
Overspent by £63.70

Dogs £60
Spent £216.88
Overspent by £156.88

Teenager £50
Given to him directly

Me £50
Spent £170.52
Overspent by £120.52

Teenager's school lunches £60
Given to him directly

Emergency/unplanned expenses £100
Spent £71.40
Underspent by £28.60

Total overspend for June £408.48

Luckily I had around £500 in reserve in my bank account.  I sold my car a few months back and downgraded to an older one.  I've been using that money to live on but realised I had to take drastic action.  But now that's gone I have to up my game and really concentrate on this task I've set myself.

I've kept detailed records so I know where the overspend came from. 

I live in a very rural place.  The only way to get anywhere is by car so my fuel costs are very high.  I filled my tank 5 times this month.  This will reduce over the next month as the teenager is now on school holidays.

Even though my supermarket spend was over budget it's still hugely reduced from previous months and includes other household needs as well as food.  With careful budgeting and stockpiling I will get it under budget in the coming months.

Both dogs were due their boosters at the vet this month so that bumped up my costs plus I paid a deposit for a stay in kennels when I go on holiday later this month.  I also had to replace 2 dog collars.

My personal overspend was due to my regular hair cut and colour (might need to re think that one!) and buying tickets for the Edinburgh Festival in August. 

Emergency/unplanned item was the teenager's mouth guard order for next session.  One for rugby and one for TKD, both sports demand a proper dentist made one.

I also had major dental treatment this month.  Eeek!!  Luckily that was covered by other means or I would really have been in the brown stuff!!!

On the positive side I made some money from Musicmagpie (£51.50) and sold a wee cushion on Etsy :-) So there is some good news to report on the savings front.  It's going to be a slow process but I just need to focus on the positive aspects and keep going.

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  1. What about a beauty school in your are you can get a colour for £12 and a cut about £7. I go to mine all the time it feels like a treat okay not perfect and usually have to wash dye out of my scalp at home .


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