Monday, 15 October 2012

More kilted loveliness

Today I acquired 7, yes seven lovely vintage girls' kilts.  I used to run the nearly new shop at the teenager's school.  In the not too distant past it was a boarding school where the girl boarders had to wear kilts to church on Sundays. When the last boarding house closed these kilts were no longer needed and donated to the shop.  But no teenage girl would CHOOSE to wear a skirt like these so they've been languishing in the shop for years. I took one home to play with originally planning to make a cushion cover.  But somehow along the way the felting seed was planted and look where I am now!

These kilted skirts were on their way to the rag bank along with old ski wear and gym pants! For a decent donation they were mine (the kilts, not the nylon gym pants!!)

My camera doesn't really do justice to the lovely colours.

They're in decent condition, a few rips and have a slightly musty odour.  But a few washes at 90 degrees will soon fix that wee problem!  I'm also starting to accumulate kilt pins.  I'm sure there's a brooch idea in there ;-)


  1. Kilts are school uniforms round here (public and private). All the high schools have them in various colours. That front one looks very like one on the other side of town. Nice to see them being reused. I have some fabric myself and was thinking of the things you are doing. I suppose this is a throwback to being a particularly Scottish settlement down here - and the cold, damp winters of course :)

    viv in nz

  2. Go on, have a go! It's really easy and very satisfying to see the fabric felt :-)


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