Friday, 12 October 2012

New projects

Here are a few of my latest projects.  I'm working on some wee Christmas things to show the craft shop first before putting them on Etsy.  I've already had a few special requests for some robins and other tree decorations.  But this is my biggest project so far.

A tree advent calendar!  My original idea was to put 25 different pockets randomly over the tree but I quickly realised that this would take hours of work.  From an artistic/creative viewpoint I still think this would have been the best idea but the total woman hours taken to handstitch them all would make the cost of the finished product exorbitant.  At the end of the day I really want someone to buy it so I'm stitching strips of pockets instead.  So far there's 2 hours of work in it and I estimate it will take another 3 to finish it. It's just pinned together in the above photo but I've stitched the numbers 1 to 6 already.   I'll put a layer of wading between the front and back to make it hang better.

Some wee decorations to hang on a tree

My lovely mum is a fab source of encouragement.  She has always knitted and sewn clothes for me and my sister.  Growing up money was tight so these skills were utilised out of necessity.  How I longed for 'shop bought' clothes!  But she passed on her skills to me and is so supportive of my efforts.  So when someone in her knitting group was given a load of buttons from a button factory that was closing down, she immediately thought of me!  No idea how I'm going to use them yet but I just love them.

There was also a box of metal zips.  I picked out all the pastel blue/lilac ones and plan to make some zippy roses.  I've seen some lovely ones on the web and really fancy having a go.

I definitely have my creative mojo back!! Shame my housework one is still MIA!!


  1. Hi
    I found your blog through Rhonda at down to Earth.
    I was just in your part of the world visiting last week from Australia. I am originally from Crieff but have lived in Australia for 19years.
    Anyway you have a lovely blog and I just wanted to say check out Rhondas button necklace on Down to Earth blog. I have seen it in real life when she gave a talk about her book at the local Library and it looks truly amazing.
    Best Wishes

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting :-)

    I live just outside Crieff and the teenager goes to school there!! Small world.

    I've been looking at button necklaces and am tempted. I'm also thinking about making a button and ribbon wreath. So many ideas and not enough time! :-)

  3. I, too have found you through Rhonda's site. I do like your blog. My youngest is also 14 and food seems to evaporate round here (there's a 16 year old too). I haven't had enough nerve to do the etsy thing yet but have run a small shop in the front room for a year or three. (we live on Baldwin Street - worlds steepest and are always being photographed by somebody :)

    viv in nz