Monday, 21 January 2013

Watch the birdies!

I'm ignoring the fact that it's just cost me £680.24 to fix my Aga. I'm not going to get upset that the snow has been so heavy it looks like I'm going to be snowed in for a few days. And I'm not thinking too much about the fact that my first born is 26 today.  If I'd had a pound for everyone who says I can't have a 26yo son.......

I just love this photo I took on Saturday.  I have a bird feeding pole and have loads of wee birds who visit it. Blue tits, cole tits, chaffinches, siskins, 3 pheasants, a pair of wood pigeons and 3 robins.  Yes, 3 robins!  They're supposed to be territorial and people say you only get 1 per garden.  Ok I have a large garden but when I noticed that there were 3 of them I had to try to get a photograph.  It's taken me ages but I finally did it.  Imagine my surprise when I uploaded some this morning and realised I'd finally done it :-)

My dad didn't believe me that 3 robins could feed together without fighting but they do.  They even hang onto the fat ball feeder!  They're supposed to be ground feeders but I've seen them use the bird feeder.

My next target is my woodpecker.  I hear it regularly but have only seen it once.  It was on the fat ball feeder.

Watch this space!

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