Sunday, 20 January 2013

More month than money

There are 10 more possible spending days to go until the end of the month (I'm not including today as it's a no spend day and I'm at home any way) and there's only £13.56 left in the food budget.  I also have £2.92 in Brand Match coupons which makes a total of £16.48.  Eeek!! I'm getting just a little bit worried I might not pull this off.

Logically I'm telling myself there's plenty of food and basics ingredients in the cupboard and freezer.  It's all about re educating my habits and not doing a top up shop when I don't really need to.  Main source of pressure is usually the Teen who's always looking for 'something nice' to eat.  I have 16 eggs so can see some cake and biscuit cooking happening this week!

Thanks to my food budget there seems to be a few more pounds hanging round my bank account but sadly my Aga has decided to pack in so a call out to the engineer is urgently needed.  Last time it happened I was almost £200 for labour and parts.  The kitchen is rather cold (there are no other heaters) but would be colder if OH hadn't put some thick insulation in the roof space.  Why does heating etc always break down when the temperature drops and there's a few inches of snow on the ground???

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