Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I haven't made a card for ages but dug out my supplies to make one for my OH.  I really do have a lot of craft stuff!!! I spent a happy hour sorting through boxes of inks, stamps and toppers.  No cost as I had everything. Hope he likes it. With a little bit of work I could save a lot of money by making cards again.  They seem to have shot up in price.  I saw a card of similar size in the shop selling for £3.99!!

I also baked him a cake.  He has a very sweet tooth!  It's a lemon drizzle cake baked in 2 wee heart shaped tins. I used my bargain eggs and lemons ;-)  I sandwiched it together with my home made apricot jam and drizzled the lemony syrup over it.  I also made some heart shaped cupcakes from the mixture for my other sweet toothed guy.

I saw an idea where you put a marble in the tin to create a kinda heart shape.  I used some baking beans.  They came out ok ish.  The hungry Teen won't mind what they look like!!

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  1. Love your card, so much nicer than a bought one and a lovely personal touch. The lemon drizzle looks gorgeous, one of my favourite cakes, I love how you made the little heart ones, a really clever idea and better still that it cost nothing to do.

    I have been making a few cards myself, now I have finished work I have a bit more time :-)I have loads of craft stuff too, where on earth does it all come from...oops!!



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