Friday, 15 February 2013

Meal planning

I'm conscious that the Teen and I haven't been eating as well as we could recently.  Despite having a well stocked storecupboard and freezer we've been rather lazy in our meal choices.  With various after school and evening activities we've got ourselves in a rut of same old/same old meals.  So when he asked for his favourite macaroni and cheese the other night I made an effort to change it up.  Instead of a flour/butter/milk cheese sauce I did a very quick cream and grated cheese one (using up the reduced cream) and I cooked some chopped up broccoli (also reduced!) in the same pan as the pasta.  Very nice!

Dessert was the reduced papaya, perfectly ripe.
So it's back to weekly meal planning.  I used to do this all the time when I cooked for 5 and we had so much coming and going in the evenings. With the Teen's help we've decided on the following vegetarian menu:
Mon (gym/tkd)    Chinese/stirfry
Tues (tv)              Pizza and salad
Wed (gym/tkd)    Pasta
Thurs (gym/tkd)  Rice dish
Fri (tv)                 Soup and pudding
Sat                       Meat night
Sun (gym)           Traditional (roast potatoes etc) and pudding
On Saturday night he usually stays with his brother so I get to cook a meat based meal for OH.  It will be much easier (and cheaper!!) for me to cook just 1 meal each night that we'll both eat.  Seems obvious now I've written it down but I think making 2 different meals most nights was ruining my interest for cooking.  Here's hoping things will improve.

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