Sunday, 3 March 2013


Finally my craft room/gym is finished.  And I'm thrilled to say the total cost of the makeover was less than £15!!  Everything has been re used, re purposed, donated and 'bought' with nectar points.

The gym end of the room still has a mirror to put up but I'm going to use the big wall one from my bathroom when I decorate it. Hopefully that will be soon although it is a bigger project involving plasterboard, tiles and creating a shower.  Gulp!!

The sewing room end :-)  The cupboards are still full of DS's stuff but that will be cleared out soon and I can move ALL my supplies into one place.  I made some bunting from leftover Amy Butler fabric pieces and a ribbon from a recent parcel. 

The chair isn't the comfiest to sit on so it needed a cushion.  I made a pad from several layers of wadding and used some of the curtain lining fabric to make one.  It's tied on with 2 long strips of the AB fabric.

The circle mirrors were donated by my mum who bought them on impulse then didn't know what to do with them.  I've had them for ages and didn't know what to do with them either!  Until yesterday.

This wee bookcase will never be as tidy again!!!  This is before I move the rest of my supplies from the kitchen.  Once I find my picture hooks I'll hang up the picture that says 'Creative people are rarely tidy' LOL!!

You can't see them in the photos but I needed 2 light shades to replace the orange ones.  I was racking my brains and searching YouTube to find thrifty ways to re do them.  But then I spotted some cream coolie shades in Sainsbury's at £6.  I had enough nectar points to buy 2. So free light shades!

And this is the bag that started it all.  Even though I'll only have a dedicated craft room until the house is sold I'm going to enjoy having my own creative space.  Hopefully a potential buyer will see that the room is a good space for an office/gym/bedroom/craftroom etc


  1. Well done, Ali - that's quite a transformation :)

  2. Aww thanks. Still a few things to do but the big stuff is done :-)

  3. Tidy!!! Not known round here :) The house is full of creative mess makers who always get too involved to tidy up! On the other hand.....there is always something interesting to look at even if there is nowhere to sit :)

    Or so I tell myself,

    viv in nz

  4. Oh it won't be this tidy ever again!!! You can't see the pile of stuff behind me as I took the photo ;-)