Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Loads of bargains

I've said before that it's just luck if you find a good bargain.  You have to be open in your thinking on how to use them.  It's not a bargain if you end up throwing it out. When I go looking for them, they're not there.  So I was rather excited to have a very good haul last night.

4 small organic wholemeal loaves 10p each so 40p ( reduced from 60p each so £2.40) and an olive ciabatta 39p (£1.59).  I sliced the ciabatta and put it with the loaves in the freezer.

I'm on the lookout for pretty but useful storage tins/jars to store and display my craft things.  The above tin with shortbread £1.50 (£5) and mug 45p (£1.50) were reduced Mothers Day gifts.  Both in the colours of my new craft room :-)

12 free range eggs 64p (£2.65), 2 packs pickled beetroot 20p (£3) and the lettuce wasn't scanned for some reason so no cost!!

I had to go to a DIY place to get some brush cleaner and found a load of paint reduced.  I picked up 2 x 250ml pots of pink and green paint for £2 (£6.58) There were lots of large tins hugely reduced but I don't need paint so was very good.  I needed some colours for a shabby chic project on an old pine chest for my craft room so these were perfect!

Total full cost of the above items would have been £22.72.  I paid £5.58.  Rather chuffed!!!

The hall project is almost finished.  Just one more coat of satinwood is needed.  I've put my back out so probably won't manage to finish it today but it WILL be done by the weekend :-)

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