Friday, 8 March 2013

Another before.....

I got up this morning on a mission.  Spurred on by last weekend's makeover I was determined to keep the momentum going and get another area transformed.  So at 9am I started to remove the stuff from this area.

This is the hallway between the main house and the annexe looking towards the outdoor door.  A mismatch of wood (stained and unstained) and a bit of a dumping ground for stuff that doesn't really have a home. The walls were full of holes and hadn't been painted for years and years.  Probably never done since the house was fully converted in the 80s.

First job was to remove the shelves.  Took me aaages as some of the screws had been painted over.  Grrr!!! And rather a lot of plaster came off too.  I was halfway through when the phone rang and I was asked if I could do a viewing this weekend!!! Errr, no!!  For lots of reasons.  But that's the second time I've been asked to do a viewing on very short notice.  I have a life and did have weekend plans already in place.  Hopefully they can come next weekend when I'm finished and I can fit them into my schedule ;-)

All the books and general crap was removed from the other shelves which are actually better quality wood.  They are staying. View looking back towards main house.

Undercoat getting slapped on the nasty dark varnish.  Now I have a confession to make.  I know that I should really sand down all the wood and clean it before painting.  But since this is purely a tarting up exercise I haven't bothered.  I know it won't be as good a finish and probably won't last as long as if it had been prepped properly but I'm not going to be here.

First coat done and starting to look better already.  It looks so much bigger which was the whole point.

This is my favourite magazine at the moment.  Not only is it much cheaper at £1.99 than most other home magazines but there are actually sensible budget ideas in each issue.  Already after the first flick through I've seen 3 ideas that I'm going to copy that will cost me nothing.  Watch this space ;-)

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