Monday, 29 April 2013

Sorbetto and other free clothes

Inspired by The Great British Sewing Bee I finally got my act together and started stitching again.  Blogland is full of lovely sewing blogs and websites and I've spent a few months procrastinating, collecting stuff and planning on how to expand my wardrobe without spending a lot of cash.  My annual budget is just £120.  So far so good.
So, the Sorbetto is a free downloadable pattern from Colette. Very popular in blogland and had great reviews so I duly downloaded it and made this from a remnant piece of fabric!

It's far from perfect but I love it!  In fact I finished stitching it this morning and am now wearing it :-)

I wanted the finish to be of a high standard so I dredged up memories of Home Economics at school (think I'm the last generation where girls were taught sewing and cooking and boys were taught woodwork!!) and did French seams. I thought a contrast bias binding would look good but in retrospect I don't like it.  I made bias binding for the arm holes and did bound seams (kinda by accident as I stitched the bias binding on the right side by mistake!!)

I think it looks good from the inside too :-)

I need to wait for the teenager to come home and take a decent pic of me wearing it but hope this one shows what it looks like on me.  Next time I'll make it longer (I have a long body!!) and take it in an inch on both sides under the arms as it gaps a little.  It fits nicely across my back.

This is my next project. My mum was having a clear out of her wardrobe so I acquired several black bags of clothes.  This flimsy flowery dress from Asda does nothing for me so I'm going to alter it into a tunic length top.

This is a lovely lined dress. It's got a Target label and cost $49.99.  Mum doesn't remember buying it or how she came to have it!! It's 2 sizes too big for me so I'm going to take it in.

So from the above I'll have 2 tops and a dress and it hasn't cost me a penny!


  1. Free, or almost free, clothes are the best! Funny that you should mention woodshop; my husband is currently a woodshop teacher here in Iowa, USA, and he has both boys and girls in his classes. The girls generally do a better job because of their patience and attention to detail.

  2. Girls do woodwork and boys do cooking now of course but back in the 70s/80s they were seperated. Girls were even taught how to make beds *rolls eyes*

  3. Your top is lovely. Well done! Looking forward to seeing what else you make. You'll be making clothes for me soon!