Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

Anyone else hooked by the BBC programme The Great British Sewing Bee?  It's being tipped to revive the home sewing movement in much the same way as The Great British Bake Off has revived baking.  So far 2 episodes have aired (available on BBC iplayer) with 2 to go. 

I had already noticed a revival in sewing with the success of magazines like Cloth, Sew (my current favourite) and Mollie Makes.  I'd also noticed a rise in workshops and classes teaching people to sew.  I even attended one myself (corset making) in February.  It completely revitalised my enthusiasm for dressmaking.  I've always made home furnishings but rarely attempted clothes for myself.  I grew up wearing handmade clothes so maybe I've avoided it for that reason!

I'm currently in the process of making a corset for myself, one for my friend and a kimono style dressing gown for myself.  I've also got plans to make a summer dress and a skirt.  All from fabric acquired from various places, no money involved.

A quick look round blog land unearthed some great sewing blogs.  Looks like the GBSB has tapped into an already growing movement!

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