Friday, 21 June 2013

Forward planning

While I'm hopeful that things are about to happen I'm not counting my chickens yet.  But I can't just sit and do nothing so I'm planning ahead.  I'm trying to use up stuff in my freezers so they can be moved empty.  I found 2 bags of blackcurrants from my mum's garden at the bottom of one.  While I like them they're a bit too tart for me just using them on their own.  So I decided to make some cassis which I can use for gifts.

Blackcurrants plus sugar and topped up with cheap gin or vodka.  Shake once a day until all the sugar has dissolved and then store for 2 months to mature before straining and bottling.  I did these last night and already they're turning a glorious blackcurranty colour.

I scored some great bargains at Sainsbury's last night.  Fish pie with salmon for 10p!! Popped it into the freezer for a lazy supper next week. The Teenager loved the fancy yogurt.  It's a new luxury brand The Collective and costs £2.39 a tub. I'd never pay that much so I was pleased I got it for 59p. 

I feel a potato related post may be next as that's a big bag for just 2 of us!!


  1. Some brilliant buys there. It's amazing what you can do with a big bag of potatoes, I look forward to seeing what you have planned :-)

  2. Bargains!! Keeping fingers crossed for you, I know how frustrating it is waiting for someone to make a firm offer on your house, as when we were selling our house a couple of years ago we found someone who was really keen (3 visits) but were not in a position to make an offer for nearly a month!! I also made 'liqueur' last year but used blackberries from the hedgerow. I would have preferred blackcurrants, but none available. I made it in early September and although it was meant to be ready to drink in 6 weeks I left it until Christmas, and it was much better. Just waiting for elderflowers to bloom now then it will be cordial all round in a few weeks.

  3. Also waiting for elderflowers here. Lots still in bud so I'm watching them carefully.

    I've used brambles, raspberries, cranberries and strawberries to make liqueurs over the years. All very delicious ;-)