Thursday, 20 June 2013

On ice

I bought this bottle of champagne last month as it was half price.  I was hoping that within a short time I would have the occasion to open it with my beloved and celebrate.  I put it in a cupboard and waited.  And waited.
Last week I had a job interview.
Last weekend I viewed some houses and found one I want to buy.
Two days ago I was offered the position of supply teacher within the council area I am hoping to move to.  I put the bottle in the fridge.
Yesterday the lady who wants to buy my house came back for a 4th viewing with a builder.  She's saying and doing all the right things but as yet has not made a formal offer.  In Scots law once a formal offer has been made and accepted it is difficult to back out unlike English law. 
So for now the champagne is on ice.


  1. Everything's crossed for you re the house sale and huge congratulations on being offered job in your chosen area. :)

  2. I have a feeling that bottle will be open very soon!! congrats on the job and fingers crossed about the house. the laws here in England are terrible re people backing out! wish it was tighter like up there :-)ps im new to reading your blog and i love it

  3. Oh, things are looking up!! Prayers and good thoughts going your way. Looking forward to hearing the outcome.

  4. Aww thanks. Trying very hard not to get excited and failing miserably!! Lol!