Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dye and chives

This is a blouse I've had for at least 10 years.  Nice fitted body but sleeves and collar are too manly for my taste.  Although it's in good condition it wasn't quite as white as I'd like.

So I chucked it in the washing machine with few white cotton t shirts that had seen better days and a packet of Tulip Red fabric dye that was given to me.  Now that's pretty red looking!!

I'm rather pleased with the result!  But I'm not finished yet.  I'm going to remove the floppy collar and do something with those sleeves.  Watch this space!! (and I still have 5 other packs of dye in different colours!)

Elaine over at MF reminded me I wanted to make chive flower vinegar.  Last year I had hardly any flowers so didn't bother.  This year I have several clumps of chives in flower so started a batch.  I checked this morning and it's already taking on that lovely purple colour.  That's a litre of white vinegar so there will enough for me to use and some to put in pretty bottles to gift.  A really easy frugal gourmet gift.

***quick how to make chive flower vinegar now on my other blog***

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