Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lilac heart jacket

Middle son who now lives in Vienna was home briefly for a holiday.  He had left a lot of stuff behind last year so was sorting what he didn't want/need any more.

This is a white cotton jacket about 4 years old.  It was bit grubby so I washed it then chucked it back in the machine with a packet of French Lavender dye.  It came out a pretty lilac colour.

It was nice but a bit boring.  So I went to my quilting fabric stash and cut out some triangles and used some iron on sticky stuff (loads of brands are available but can't remember which one this is as I've had it a while)

I arranged them in a heart shape on the back of the jacket, inspired by a patchwork pic I'd saved from the net ages ago.

A little pinning and ironing took place, followed by a lot of machine stitching.  That took forever as I had to unpick one side of the lining to get access to make the back lie flat for stitching.  Each wee triangle (19 of them!!) was a bugger to stitch.  And all those thread ends.......

But I'm happy with result.  The zips are nylon so remained white but they're a nice feature against the lilac colour.

And the heart turned out great!  My triangles moved a little during stitching so the final placement is a bit 'neater' than my original plan.

So for a day's work I have a new jacket that didn't cost me any money. I might put it on Etsy to sell.


  1. Very nice! Love the color and the "expanding" heart.

  2. Loving the creative needlecraft - still keeping my fingers crossed for some good news on the house front. X

  3. That is fantastic Ali and looks very doable. I am going to store this in the memory banks for possible future use!

  4. Very doable, just very fiddly!!!!

  5. That is BRILLIANT - how can you bear to part with it!!

  6. Great re-invention!! I have been exploring natural dye techniques and am currently doing an experiment with an old cotton dress.

    Please come and join me and others on Facebook Group Melton Bowerbirds. Fly into our nest and join like-minded souls doing all sorts of thrifty things, including refashion. We have some fashion designers using recycled materials. They are a great help when you have a question and provide inspiration too.

    I also can relate to your 40k in 4 years as I was on the same mission. I am now retired and living a good life as a result of frugal living, three jobs at one stage and paying down debt. It's a goal worth all the effort.