Tuesday, 23 July 2013

10p bargains

While the Teenager is away with his dad for the week I'm trying to 'get on with things.'  I'm not doing as well as I'd hoped so far.  Decluttering and sorting is happening, just not quickly enough!
One thing I am succeeding at is running down my storecupboard and freezers.  It certainly makes for interesting meals!  Mostly vegetable based I have to say but it's healthy and frugal so win/win.

However, a wee trip to M&S with some vouchers resulted in the above bargains.  Can't go wrong with 10p stuff!  7 Fairtrade bananas for 10p with 6 in perfect condition, the 7th slightly bashed.  Veg medley will be tonight's meal. I got 3 packs of the Bird's Eye chillies which yielded 33 chillies :-)

I would normally have frozen them but even I couldn't use that many in 6 weeks so I searched online to find out how to dry them.  Sliced and left to dry on paper towels in my hot conservatory for a few days, they will give me enough dried crushed chillies to keep me going for wee while.

And back to decluttering.  This arrived yesterday.  I have a huge garage to clear plus a load of garden rubbish.  I've offered stuff on Freecycle and local for sale groups.  But the lack of response makes me suspect a lot stuff will just go in here and to a furniture recycling charity.


  1. Hi

    Your M&S bargains look great. I have some vouchers to use up - I never thought of looking for food bargains with them. I might try it. What is the best time of day for food bargains at M&S?


  2. Lunchtime seems to be the best time at my local one. I find M&S are more conservative with their use by dates so stuff lasts a good few days after

  3. I LOVE your 10p bargains! IT must be like winning the lottery when these get spotted! I can't begin to imagine what I'd be like if we had supermarkets near here - yellow sticker-aholic, I suspect! Have fun decluttering - if you're anything like me, you'll end up raking your own skip in case you have accidentally missed something that could be used! :)

  4. great bargains , bet that skip is full by now :)