Thursday 18 July 2013


Yeah yeah, I know.  I should be sorting and packing but that's dull.  Today I made a dress :-) 

I put in a zip.  Not my best effort but no worse than some shop bought dresses I own!!

I love this style of dress. It suits my pear shape!  Pattern is Simplicity K2444 and fabric is some old cotton my mum had.  It's a mock up (muslin) of the dress I want to make for the wedding.  But it's so bright and cheery I might just wear it anyway.

Ok, back to packing and sorting!


  1. A much better use of time than packing, it looks lovely. You can pack later when it's cooler :-)

  2. Now that's my kind of procrastination! :)

    And, even more funny, I made a similar dress out of almost identical fabric a few years ago! It just hit the rag bag last year - I literally wore it to pieces! Enjoy your new dress.

    And wishes for productive packing and sorting.


  3. Now ain't that funny- Simplicity 2444 is such a great pattern - it'll be a perfect dress for a wedding too. This version is lovely though - super cute colours!


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