Wednesday 17 July 2013


Hmm, this packing malarkey isn't going as well as I'd hoped despite help from Emma.  So far all I've managed to pack is my knitting stuff.  For me knitting is a winter hobby, clicking away as I watch TV in the evening so I won't need it between now and September (although I haven't packed the socks I'm knitting, they're a great portable project for waiting rooms!)

But I'm having a wee bit of difficulty with my sewing supplies.  Mostly due to the fact I'm in the middle of several projects (including a corset for my friend's 40th) and I've decided to make a dress for a wedding next month.  My sewing area is rather a mess!!!

I've narrowed down my dress for the wedding (which will be in Stornoway) to these 2 patterns. 

And I'm sure I've some suitable fabric in there.  Somewhere!! *sighs*

I've also been playing with paint.  Have a look on My Upcycled Home blog.

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