Monday 15 July 2013

My new house!

I heard this morning after 10 days of negotiation that my 3rd offer on the above house was accepted :-)  It's dated, full of painted woodchip wallpaper and needs a new kitchen.  But it's clean and it's been well cared for.  It has no grass in the garden (good for me but bad for dogs!) but has a large paved area at the back suitable for raised beds and lots of pots.  So I can still grow veggies, just in a creative way.

This is the first house I've bought for myself. I'm so excited and looking forward to making it my own.  I'm very lucky that I've bought it mortgage free but this means I have very little money left to upgrade and repair it.  However I'm planning to re use as much as I can from this house and upcycle items found/gifted/bought for a song. 

I've started a new blog called My Upcycled Home (see link at top) where I'll chronicle my effects to turn my new house into a special home for me and the Teenager :-)


  1. Congratulations, I look forward to following your progress, in the meantime you should just luxuriate in the knowledge that it is yours .... all yours :-)

  2. Fantastic news! I'll keep everything crossed for you that things progress quickly and smoothly so you can get moved in as soon as possible. You're probably jumping for joy! :) Must start following the new blog now and am looking forward to seeing the progress. Good luck with everything. :)

  3. Wonderful news! A new home is a fun adventure. Anticipating all you'll have to share about your "upcycled" home.

  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing how you make it yours as the future progresses!


  5. Congrats on the new house, Ali! While the budget for making huge renovations may not be much, I'm sure you can find some creative ways to turn the place into a home. If I may ask, how was the whole house buying experience? -Calvin @City Block Team

  6. Buying our first house is truly exciting and I guess it will be even more for you, knowing that you bought this house mortgage-free. For a first-timer, you're way too lucky. Anyway it's been a month, how's your house now? Abdul Jackson @

  7. The first experience is always the most memorable. And I’m glad that you had a good one while buying your first house. Congratulations! Ten days of negotiation definitely paid off! And it's certainly a big relief that you don't have to worry about mortgages and such. Cheers!

    Chad Nelson @ Iron Point Mortgage


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