Sunday, 14 July 2013

Aviemore holiday

Last week was the hottest one in Scotland for many years.  It reached 29 degrees!! So our planned 4 nights camping holiday in Aviemore easily felt like a South of France break :-)
One of my favourite outings was to the Highland Safari Park.  They'd recently had 2 Amur tiger cubs born and I was desperate to see them.
So we made a packed lunch and set off in the blistering heat.

Turned out that the polar bears were the stars of the day!  This one was having endless fun in the big pool with a big bucket.  He was swimming around with his head in it.

A rare Scottish wildcat.  Only 400 left in the wild.  Of all the animals we saw I felt this pair weren't happy in their caged environment with the male constantly pacing up and down.  Maybe it was just the heat.

And the tiger cubs :-)  Six weeks old and just on show to the public this week.  It was mobbed and we had to wait patiently to get a good view.  These pics are taken through the glass so they're not great. 

They were so cute and rather wobbly on their feet.  They have just been named as Murray and Victor, a wee nod to Andy Murray's victory at Wimbledon.

We saw loads of babies including this elk

And back to the polar bears.  2 males both under 2 years old.  Still young and messing around in the pool like any young boys!!

A day trip like this isn't cheap.  It cost us £44 for a family ticket.  Even though we had a packed lunch with us we still bought ice lollies and coffees.  Once upon a time I wouldn't even have considered the costs of a day out but this day was planned and carefully budgeted and was still a great day out :-)

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  1. Most importantly, your carefully budgeted day was both memorable and enjoyable. :) Have a fun summer.


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