Friday, 16 August 2013

Quick pit stop

Vienna was lovely!  Totally different from my last visit in winter.  Top temperature was 37 degrees so it was hot, hot, hot.  And it was wonderful to see my middle son who got us upgraded to a suite (well he does work for a well known worldwide hotel chain!) ;-)
In the end I had too many clothes with me.  Mostly I wore shorts and a t shirt as it was so hot. But here are a few refashioned outfits I wore.

Before shot of a long dress that also has a removable inner dress lining.  It will be re used in a different refashion.  Notice Emma photo bombing!!

On the balcony of the penthouse suite (get me!)  Twas rather blowy!! Sleeves and shoulder pads removed and about 12 inches chopped off the length.  I also altered the neckline to a v neck.  I rather like this dress now.

Easy fix, chopped off the big floppy collar.

I actually couldn't find my white 3/4 trousers so tried it with shorts.  Not sure if it suits me but blouse looks great with jeans too.

And this is the dress I'm wearing to the wedding tomorrow.  £7 on Ebay, bargain!  The black and beige spotty one is cut out but I just didn't want the extra stress of having to finish it tonight. It will get finished for my dad's 70th birthday party.  I'm planning on making a ribbon corsage for my wrist and maybe teeny wee bows or something for the shoes (free from my mum) I also found a red and black shawl in my cupboard and I'm sure I have a red handbag somewhere.

In other news, my house sale is now legally binding :-)  I have to move out on the 2nd of September but as yet my own house purchase isn't finalised.  Just a few bits of paperwork to get from the current owners and hopefully all will be settled by next week.

Back home on Monday which leaves me 2 weeks to get packed and ready.  Eeeek!!!!!!


  1. Loving your refashioned clothes, maybe I should get more enthusiastic with the scissors :-)

  2. Go for it Sue!! Start off simple. If it doesn't work out I just wear it in the garden where no one sees it or put it in the rag bag. Practice definitely makes perfect! :-)