Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wedding outfit for under £10

My camera died on the day (boo!!) so sadly didn't get any pics of the wedding.  But here's how I looked on the day thanks to the Teenager taking some of me at home.

A chance remark lead to my lovely neighbour lending me her black fascinator.  I loved wearing it but it was rather windy on Stornoway on Saturday (ferry was very late due to bad weather leaving us just 20 mins to get ready for the church) so I was scared it would blow away!

My hair was lovely and curly on the day and I was wearing delicate silky neutral stockings (just bare legs and a wash n leave it style in these pics!)

I added some ribbon bows and 'adapted' a pair of silver earrings to jazz up my shoes.  I just LOVE my glue gun ;-)

I bought some flowers at the supermarket and made my own corsage with the help of a you tube video.

So total costs as follows:

Dress £7 on Ebay
Shoes, bag, stockings, jewellery and shawl I already had so recycled and free
Fascinator borrowed so free
Flowers £3 for bunch but only used 3 roses and sprig of baby's breath

Once upon a different lifetime I would have gone out and bought a whole new outfit from scratch. Probably something I'd never wear again!  I'll be wearing this dress throughout the winter with thick tights, boots and a cardigan. But to be honest I felt a million dollars in my £10 DIY outfit and there was definitely no one else wearing the same thing :-)


  1. You look fantastic-and I love those shoes:-)
    Best wishes

  2. A brilliant outfit, and all for a tenner - absolutely amazing.

  3. Just came over from Refashion Co-op.
    I love your outfit, even more so for only being £10 (you're my kinda girl!), and the shoes really set it off.

  4. You look stunning. No wonder you had such a good day when you felt so good about yourself.

  5. Thank you for the lovely comments :-)