Monday, 30 September 2013

Being creative

This really sums me up.  I've been so busy with the practical stuff for the last 4 weeks (yes, I moved house 4 weeks ago today!!) that I've had no time to be creative.  And I've really missed it.  So much that I actually bought pink and cream yarn to make a throw for my living room instead of trying to find my yarn stash.

It doesn't look very pink in the pic but in real life it's a soft vintage shade.  I've also made some curtains for the Teenager's bedroom as the venetian blinds were letting in light.  They were free (my favourite price!) as I found a bag of stuff from middle son's old flat.  They're just Ikea basic ones but I doubled them so they're lined.  Should also keep the heat in and light out.

And I won some Harris Tweed oddments on eBay.  I have some new ideas for The Tartan Tower so look out for a relaunch very soon :-)

I can't believe September has been and gone.  In a few weeks the clocks will go back and winter will be well on the way.  And then I'll need to think about the C word!!


  1. Welcome to October! The throw looks lovely, is it crocheted? Glad to hear Tartan Towers will be back in production, McGonks are preparing to come out of summer hibernation, too, and start looking seriously about where the project is going.

    Hope you are settling into your new house and having fun turning it into a home. :)

  2. Wool remnants equal a hooked (rag) rug to me! Have been dealing with a terminally ill parent and then prepping house to sell...just getting back to thinking of sewing, spinning, knitting and hooking (rugs ).....

  3. Yes NYK, crocheted throw. Very chunky 100% wool so lovely and warm.

    Lynda, sounds like a stressful time for you. Crafting definitely helps me stay sane when my life is chaotic. Hope things improve for you :-)


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