Thursday, 28 November 2013

Back to work

In just a few short hours my life has flipped around.  Before I moved house I applied to join the local supply teachers list.  I get regular emails telling me what temporary jobs (ie around a month) are available and until now I haven't replied to any of them. 

At lunchtime today I got one about a P1 class in a local school (that's 4 and 5 yos here in Scotland) It was for a month until the end of term.  On impulse I pinged a brief email back and within an hour I had spoken to the Headteacher and was offered the position starting Monday!!!! Eeeeek!

Turns out it's actually a maternity cover that was advertised but they got no response.  So initially it's for a month but could be extended to a year if I fit into their ethos!  Double eeeek!!!

So, I can call myself a teacher again!  Now the practicalities need to be dealt with :-)


  1. Just embrace the temporary work! After 12 months travelling my husband and I worked for 6 months as Campsite Wardens then decided to see how we would fare working over the winter period in our 'home' area of Hampshire. I used to be an accounting technician but thought I would have lost my skills over the last 2 years, so opted to do other odds and sods jobs, which have been very few and far between. So on a whim (bit like yourself) I replied to an old agency of mine and within a week I had accounts work again. Have been there 3 weeks now and it seems I still have it - so do not doubt yourself - go for it and hope you enjoy it!! (The money really does make a difference!)

  2. What a wonderful blessing! Congrats!

  3. Can't deny the thought of having financial security appeals. Even if I only get a month's work out of it I'll have a foot in the door for more work. It seems to be the case that teaching jobs are appointed on the basis if you taught that stage in your last post. Luckily for me my last post was working in a P1/2. Plus I'm available!! Lol!

  4. Well done - this could be the start of something big!

  5. Hope your new job goes ok. I'm sure you'll take to it like a duck to water again.


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