Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A bathful of clothes

It's finally my half term! Monday and Tuesday were staff in service days but the rest of the week is holiday.  Big fat HOORAY!! I am soooo tired and have got soooo much to do including sorting out the above bathful of clothes.

I tried really hard to declutter before the move as I knew storage space was limited in this house but road/good intentions and all that!!  Simply put, I have more STUFF than STORAGE.  The problem is I always say yes when people offer me clothes (and shoes).  I always think that will look great once I shorten it/dye it/change the buttons/take it in.  But since I started working at the start of December I haven't sewn so much as a button on anything.  I have a decent (if somewhat basic) work wardrobe and really don't need more clothes. 

So I have filled 4 black bags already from my bedroom wardrobe and drawers, a chest of drawers on the landing and a second cupboard in the Teen's room.  That's before I've started on the bath *insert embarrassed face*

And as for shoes....... Well, I've filled a box already and there's more around the house.  I tend to wear the same few things and haven't even worn anything out of that box in the 5 months I've been here.

Everything will be going to the charity shop tomorrow.  I'm calling it Phase 1.

Phase 2 will be getting a large cupboard built in the kitchen.  I've been really indecisive about what to do in my kitchen regarding storage but have now decided what to do.  I'm waiting for a joiner to price it for me.  When that's done I can empty more boxes of kitchen things freeing up storage space in the downstairs bedroom.  That will be Phase 3 :-)

I've also been spending time today sorting out paperwork and getting on top of my finances.  My credit card has been cleared and even with the cost of the deposit on my new car (I collect it on Friday!) I have managed to put a substantial lump sum into my savings account.  Phew!! I'm back on track on that front, just need to get myself a bit more organised re food shopping this holiday.


  1. You'll get there! You are really doing so well, Ali and the charity shop will think they've struck gold, lol.

    K x

  2. Whew! I'm glad it was sorting to give away the clothes and not a bath full of clothes to be washed! Good job on all your accomplishments, it's a nice feeling to get things cleared out. Keep up the good work.

  3. hi - love your blog..............why had I not found it sooner xxx Froogs xx

  4. You got there in the end, sometimes these problems need thinking about before coming up with the best solution fitted storage is great as you fit far more in than freestanding, hope the quote's reasonable