Sunday, 2 February 2014


I got paid this week!! Due to the legal stuff it was actually 6 weeks worth of pay, and it'll be the same next month as the weeks I've worked catch up with the monthly salaried contract I'm now on.  It means that there's a lovely chunk of money sitting in my bank account and it's VERY tempting to spend it instead of saving it.

Not on frivolous stuff cos that's just not me.  But I could get 2 new external doors and 2 new windows which would increase my security and cut down on heat escaping through the gaps.  I need to replace some loose guttering.  I could replace the dreadful hall carpet that Emma has been sick on, twice.  All these things need to be done at some point so that's why it's tempting to get spending while I've got the money there!

However, I have spent some money and am getting a new car :-)  My old faithful 4x4 jalopy is needing a wee bit of work to stay roadworthy and it'll cost nearly as much to keep it on the road than it's actually worth.  So I'm getting a smaller more fuel efficient one.  Cheaper to run and cheaper to insure. I pick it up in a week.  Rather excited :-)


  1. Just wanted to say hi! just a new follower and off to have a good read - and to say thank you for sharing your recipes xx

  2. Well they are ALL good things to spend your money on, so it's nice that you have it. Go mad ... buy a door :-)

  3. Yay for your steady wages and a new car my sweet! Well done for saving... Makes you feel better in the end... :s

    Have a great week.
    Rw x