Sunday, 19 January 2014

With help from my mum

I had a lovely visit from my mum today.  I'm now into the 6th week of this rotten filthy cold and struggling a bit with lots of things.  I'm managing work but very little else is being done.  Look at the next 2 wee mice she's knitted for my class!!  A Scottish knight and a jester who has his own wee tiny jester puppet!!!
She had also cleared out her cupboard of paper and card.  Lots of lovely free craft stuff for my wee ones to use.  Paper in schools is very expensive and infants use a LOT!!!!

We also dismantled an old single bed and took it to the recycling centre.  It was a lot easier than dismantling my old sofa.  LOL!!!  We moved another bed and built a third.  Slowly getting things done but without my mum's help nothing would have been done this weekend.

I've done a little bit of clothes shopping.  I got a warm ski jacket on eBay for 99p.  I don't need top of the range stuff, I'm just a beginner so that'll do me nicely.  I also got some salopettes (padded trousers with braces really!) for £4.99.  Haven't got them yet but I'll be happy with them at that price :-)


  1. Your mum is one talented lady! The mice are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Thank goodness for Mums eh. She's a talented lady, those mice are gorgeous :-)

  3. Lovely mice Ali , your mum sounds a bit like mine always there to help and motivate. hope I am that active when I am pushing 70