Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A wee bit of good news

I'm a very lucky girl!  Today I heard that my short term contract has been changed into a long term one.  This means I'm going to be working in the same school until next January! :-)  This means I don't have to move between schools to keep working which is what short term supply involves. It means financial security for the next 12 months.  How brilliant is that?? 

In order to save as much as I can I'm using up leftovers for lunch.  Remember those bargain veggies?  I made soup with some bendy carrots, the celery, lettuce leaves and peppers.  Carrot and celery batons with egg mayo, pepper and tomatoes and satsumas on the side.

Next day was leftover chicken with sweet chilli sauce with more carrots/peppers/celery and soup.

Yum! Leftover lunches needn't be boring.


  1. Lovely news! And delicious lunches, when I was working I preferred leftovers. Reaching your goals is surely a bit more secure now.

  2. Excellent news. Lunches look really good; I have some christmas pasta to use up for lunches over the next few weeks to declutter a little.

  3. Fantastic news..those lunches look great..and the tubs are brilliant :)
    AFM xx

  4. Congratulations! How exciting!

    And your lunches look very tasty....


  5. Brilliant news :-)

    And your leftovers are far from boring, it's lovely to see such a zingy coloured lunch.


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